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Our extensive network of international partners ensure your success - each and every time.

YOYO Global Freight has a quick and personal service at a competitive price. We offer 4 door-to-door products via close cooperation with our leading partners: TNT, DHL, FEDEX and GLS.
Regardless of whether it’s a one-time affair, or a regular collaboration including track and trace and possible fixed bookings, we look forward to working with you.

At YOYO Global Freight you have a regular contact person, a comprehensive price structure, and a personal follow-up on each and every consignment.

Please note that you can’t send dangerous products via our Yellow, Budget, Spin or rush services. Dangerous products are goods that, if not transported in a correct manner, can cause potential harm to humans, animals, the environment and/or property. Shipping products of this nature requires special permission and a specific agreement with YOYO Global Freight.

Please contact YOYO Global Freight if you are in any way in doubt which service best suits your requirements.


Europe: 1-2 working days – though only 1 day to major cities.

For an extra fee and only in certain postcodes, it’s possible to stipulate delivery before 09.00, 10.00 or 12.00 o’clock. Please contact YOYO Global Freight for more information.

Expect 2-4 working days to overseas destinations, and possibly extra delays due to Customs & Excise.

Our system can cope with most things, but do contact us if your consignment either exceeds 68kg or is larger than a standard EUR pallet. We will then be able to tell you what the expected delivery time will be.

Volume rate: 1m3 = 200 kg


Europe: 2-5 working days – though only 2-4 working days to major cities.

Budget solution with daily collection of packages and pallets.

Although our system is mainly geared towards these two, we do accept other items and oversized pallets. Please contact us beforehand if you’re using any base other than EUR or industrial pallets.

Volume rate: 1 m3 = 250 kg


Denmark: 1-2 working day

(An extra day to Bornholm, Anholt and Læsø)

Europe: 2-6 working days – though only 2-4 working days to major cities.

For the delivery of boxed packages with a maximum length of 200cm. Consignments must be able to go on a conveyor belt.

Volume rates are not applicable.