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Choose one of our transport solutions, and get your goods out onto the world market

If time isn’t the most important factor, international sea freight can be a viable alternative. Especially if you want to keep your company running globally and are looking for a cost effective way to send goods safely over long distances.

Let YOYO Global Freight organize the transportation of your parcels and containers via our extensive international network of shipping centres and routes. We handle both export and import, and also backhaul shipments.

Using container shipping has lots of advantages. Besides being very cost effective, the ships operate out of a global network of large harbours, run on reliable and regular schedules, and there’s easy container tracking worldwide.

If you’re looking for one supplier to organize your shipping needs, then YOYO Global Freight is the one for you. We handle the whole process: Pick-up of the consignment, issuing of the relevant documents, insurance, Customs & Excise, and anything else that may be necessary to ensure delivery to right place at the right time.

Everything is done as per your requirements, and the relevant regulations governing the import or export destination.


Our experts in our Project Department can help with all sorts of specialist transport requirements. We have an extensive experience with project transportation, which typically involves heavy or oversized consignments.
Often to lesser known parts of the world.

We can give good advice on both these unusual and odd-sized consignments, and the often unforeseen shipping problems that can be encountered on all sorts of goods. YOYO Global Freight also offer urgent or periodical deliveries to and from the whole of Europe. Even with short notice, we can pick-up from the Shipper and deliver direct to the receiver, 24/7.

Our project shipments include container shipping, RO/RO, Bulk, Air & Rail.

If you’re sending or receiving goods from Asia, but haven’t got or can’t afford the 30-40 days time that it takes for a container to slow stream from Asia to Europe, and air freight is too expensive an alternative. Then there’s the possibility to send containers direct from central China to Europe by using Deutsche Bahn. We buy shipping space direct from them, saving you the time and money that’s inevitably involved dealing with various middlemen


Our global network ensures that we can arrange “FCL – Full Container Load” shipments from docks around the world, with regular and frequent departures. All at extremely competitive rates.

We can offer door-to-door, dock-to-dock, and any other delivery combination you can think of. Regardless of region or country, your consignment will arrive on time and within budget.


If your consignment is less than a container load, it will be sent using “LCL – Less Container Load.” These have regular shipping departures to a large selection of destinations, over both the long transcontinental shipping routes, and shorter one too.

LCLs are arranged weekly within our network and via our gateways. These cover most of the world’s destinations.